Welcome to MainStreet.Finance

Some background on Main Street. We launched Main Street June 2021 as a community token based around project vetting, marketing, pretty much all things crypto currency. We really wanted to create a central crypto hub that brought fun and more importantly trust to the space.
The Main Street Ecosystem is centered around our deflationary token which is named simply enough as $MAINST. All of our concepts we implement on Main Street contribute to the token through various different ways. Over the first 14 months we’ve established Main Street Media & Money Monkeys as our first two initial concepts for the ecosystem. We saw these two sectors of the market as sustainable and community driven; Perfect for us to begin building our crypto hub around.
Main Street will continue to build itself in a adaptable manner, as this is crucial to providing a sustainable/attractive platform for our community and users. Alongside keeping up with the innovations and changes of the crypto currency industry. Ultimately providing an overall secure product with value driven principles for investors and community members. If any of this intrests you, check out the links tab! Come visit our community on any of our social medias and see what MainStreet.Finance is all about!